Programs To Help Students Succeed
Emergency Response Funds, Summer Camps, and Projects Grants
CEFO's Emergency Response Fund

CEFO provides immediate assistance to children and their families who are experiencing a financial crisis. This year, we've set aside over $200,000 to help families meet basic needs such as food, clothing, and transportation. We also help families who are facing unspeakable health challenges while trying to make ends meets.

When a school principal recognizes a child in need, they reach out to CEFO to get support to the family within 24 hours. This critical support helps feed a hungry child, puts shoes on their feet, and changes the outcome for success for the student in need.

Your generosity will be directed to improving the quality of life for a worthy child in need.
Show the community you understand the challenge facing today's impoverished youth.
Project Grants for Schools
Over the past ten years, CEFO has provided over 1 million dollars to OCSB schools to fund different types of innovative programs and projects. CEFO is proud to support these programs which reflect the unique dimensions of a truly Catholic education. Applications are submitted each year by staff, students, and parents, requesting grants for programs that make this city a better place to live.
Rideauwood School-Based Substance Abuse Program
Several OCSB high schools
This partnership provides support to students dealing with substance abuse issues, along with support for their families in how to deal with addiction in the family. The program works to ensure that all students have an equal opportunity to access vital counselling resources.
Meet You in School Mentorship Program with Big Sisters, Big Brothers of Ottawa
Several OCSB high schools
This co-op mentorship program matches highly motivated high school student leaders with “at risk” elementary students, between the ages of 7 and 11, who were in need to attention and self-esteem building. The young students receive one hour of mentoring a week, leading to a 65% increase in self-esteem and social skills.
Tutors in Schools
OCSB Children’s Support Schools
This program effectively utilizes the skills and dedication of university students as tutors. Matching funds are provided by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Emphasis is placed on reading literacy, numeracy and critical thinking skills; appreciation of visual arts, physical education and dance; and learning skills such as conflict resolution, cooperation and goal setting.
Early Literacy Project
Our Lady of Mount Carmel School
This highly successful project focusses on improving the literacy of children in the primary grades in a partnership with enthusiastic students from the University of Ottawa and Carleton University. These students are trained by a team of primary teachers to do guided reading with small groups, improving fluency, vocabulary and reading comprehension.
Drowning Prevention
Immaculata High School
Grade 8 student King Boloko, drowned in the Rideau River in 2005. His family created a Foundation in his name with the goal of educating youth about drowning prevention. The King Boloko Foundation is a partnership of family members, Immaculata High School, the City of Ottawa, CHEO, the Red Cross, and CEFO. The goal of this project was to provide 200 Ottawa Catholic School Board children in need (grades 5-8) with free nine-week swimming lessons along with dry land training.
Building Bridges Project
St. Elizabeth School
In a school with numerous families facing economic challenges, this project provides an opportunity to attend a YMCA camp where they can experience low rope, paddling, orienteering and rock climbing. The experience nurtures self-esteem, and helps build bridges from elementary school to high school.
CEFO's Summer Camp Fund
Kids Being Kids

Thanks to your thoughtful donations, we will send over 160 children to summer camp each year.

A summer camp experience can change a child's outlook on life.
CEFO budgets approximately $40,000 each year to send children to summer camp. These children would not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the fun and relaxation that they need.
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